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Ukraine has been wracked by conflict for months. The resulting economic and political instability have profoundly affected the country’s more than 350,000 Jews. For many, aid from Federation partners means the difference between life and death.

To date, Federations have raised more than $5 million through the Ukraine Assistance Fund to meet the immediate needs of Ukrainian Jews and facilitate aliyah for those who want to relocate. 


During times of calm, our partners help 70,000 impoverished Jewish children and elderly meet their basic needs. But those needs have multiplied. Cities in eastern Ukraine have become combat zones. Jews in Donetsk, Lugansk and the surrounding areas have either fled the region or remain trapped, cut off from the rest of the country. For the first time since World War II, Jews in Europe are displaced.

Tens of thousands of vulnerable Jews depend on our partners for food, medicine and care

Synagogues, agencies and schools require immediate increased security

The number of families considering aliyah has doubled to 6,000

Young middle-class families need help making ends meet

This crisis speaks to the most fundamental reasons that Jewish Federations are so critical. We will not turn away. We are making a difference.

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