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When the crisis began in Ukraine, we were there. When people fled the war, seeking food and shelter and medical care, we were there. And we're able to continue being there now because we've been there all along.

Support the ongoing needs of Ukrainian refugees by giving to the annual campiagn.

With your help, we build the foundation for a strong community so that we can respond to the urgent needs of tomorrow and help ensure flourishing Jewish communities around the world always.

The impact of our community's emergency giving for Ukraine to date:

37,800 refugees

received emergency food and medicine

477 tons

of humanitarian supplies delivered

56,900 calls

received by emergency hotlines

Through our partner agencies, we've been helping Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union for decades.

We've been providing food for those who were hungry, medicine for those who were ailing, and human comfort for those who were alone. And that's not all. We've been there helping a generation who knew nothing of their Jewish heritage to connect to their identity. We've been there helping to rebuild and rekindle Jewish life where it had been all but decimated.

Through our annual campaign, we establish a strong presence in over 70 countries worldwide – and when crisis strikes, we are prepared to act.

Throughout our existence, the security and protection of the Jewish people have been our priority. From coordinating escapes from European pogroms to freeing Jews in the former Soviet Union to rescuing Jews from Ethiopia, Yemen, and beyond, we have been there. And we continue to be there. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Reuniting Ethiopian families


This year, thousands of first-degree relatives of Ethiopian immigrants who have been waiting for years in camps in Ethiopia will be reunited with their families. But this work didn't begin when the need presented itself; this has been part of our decades-long work hand in hand with the government of Israel and our partners to help more than 97,000 Ethiopians fulfill their dream of immigrating to Israel – largely made possible by annual giving.

Dealing with the rocket reality


Through the power of the annual gift, we've been on the ground supporting Israel since its very beginnings. During the 2006 Lebanon War and, Operation Protective Edge, the 2014 Gaza War, we galvanized Jewish philanthropy across North America. Throughout every crisis, we've been there to help Israel's people recover, rebuild and heal – which is why we were able to provide immediate support when rockets rained down on Israel in May 2021.

We prepare all year so that no matter what the crisis or where it emerges, we're ready to spring into action.

Over 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced by the war.

The war in Ukraine has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises since World War II. We must go beyond to continue providing resources and aid in response to the ongoing needs of those who left everything behind in search of safety.

The immediate and short-term needs include:

Providing food and medicine to vulnerable populations in Ukraine

Helping people make Aliyah to Israel and providing a soft landing

Assisting internally displaced people with shelter and food

Housing subsidies and employment assistance for refugees in Europe

Supporting integration of refugees in Europe

Strengthening health services and capacity in Ukraine through emergency medical support and training

Providing medical treatment to refugees

Training mental health professionals in Ukraine, Europe, and Israel to meet the increasing mental health issues of traumatized populations.

Supporting a gender-based response to the refugee crisis

Join us as we continue to support the needs of Ukrainian Jews now and our global Jewish community today, tomorrow … always.

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